Yoga isn’t just for fit and flexible 20-somethings wearing neon spandex. At the Center, we offer yoga that is accessible for everybody, and we specialize in classes to meet you where you’re at. Never done yoga before? Great! Feel like the least flexible person in the tri state area? Come on in! Dealing with chronic pain or illness? Yoga can help soothe and heal. Struggling with balance as you enter your 60s, 70s, or 80s? Our classes can help.

Yoga has significant research support as a healing practice for mind and body. There are studies showing benefit in treating depression, anxiety, ADHD, schizophrenia, and PTSD (among other mental health concerns). Studies also show significant benefit for physical health concerns such as digestion, respiratory issues, cardiovascular health, immune system, balancing hormones, preventing health concerns, and much more. Call the Clinic/Center at 612-706-9630 to schedule or check out our class prices and schedule online with the MindBody app.

Group Classes

Our group yoga classes are available both to our clients and to those not receiving any other services at our clinic. Please join us for a centering time of mind-body connection.

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You can also sign up and pay for classes by using the MindBody App on your phone or tablet!

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One on One

We also offer one on one yoga appointments for those wanting a more personalized yoga experience.

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Yoga Rates

Introductory Promo: 10 Classes for $100 ($10 per class) 

Drop-in: $17

First Time Drop-in Promo: $8


4 Classes for $56 ($14 per class)

6 Classes for $75 ($12.5  per class)


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