Integrative Health Coaching

Individual Coaching

Coaching sessions are available on a one-on-one basis to support you in making health-related changes. We know sometimes with the best of intentions, we still find ourselves stuck. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to incorporate more exercise and movement into your daily routine, but keep running into roadblocks. Or maybe you’ve been noticing a feeling of sluggishness and would like to make some changes to eat more nutritious foods to bring about a healthy and natural energy boost. Or maybe you’ve been running on fumes and are having a tough time implementing nurturing and restorative self-care practices.Our trained health coaches are here to support you in reaching your wellness related goals.

Call the Clinic/Center at 612-706-9630 to schedule your visit. If you think you might be experiencing depression or anxiety, we encourage you to check out our Clinic’s mental health resources as well.

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