What is integrative health and wellness care?
Integrative healthcare at our clinic means that all of your care providers work together to support your wellness from many angles. Physical health is impacted by mental health and vice versa. And these both are impacted by the way we care for ourselves on a daily basis. We believe (and research shows) that approaches that address the interaction of mind and body are more effective at fostering positive changes in physical health and emotional wellbeing. It just makes sense that we feel better as a whole person when we attend to our medical needs, mental state, and make wise choices related to self-care (nutrition, exercise, spiritual practices, cultivating healthy relationships, stress management, etc.). We’re here to help you make small changes that accumulate to make a big difference.

How is your clinic different?
The way healthcare is structured today, you most often find that session visits are short, care feels impersonal, and your various providers don’t know much about the “big picture” of your health. Medical clinics focus solely on the immediate “problem” but may lack the greater context, mental health clinics don’t see the ways that physical health conditions or health-related behaviors may be contributing to mental health concerns, and no one is there to support changes in daily living (nutrition, stress management, physical activity) that we all know make a HUGE difference in our health but which can be hard to shift without guidance. At our clinic, we help folks move toward health when we work together, when you feel supported and safe, and when you feel empowered to access a wide range of evidence-based resources that are all under one roof.

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