We are a small, family-owned clinic formerly known as Medical Care Services, P.A. The vision for Minnesota Clinic for Health and Wellness arose through lots of discussions around the dinner table about how to more fully meet the needs of our patients and clients.

Through truly integrated resources all under one roof, we strive to offer seamless care to collaborate with you and with each other to promote healing and well-being. Our personalized approach to your health isn’t limited by the currently standard 10 minute medical visit or an impersonal, cookie-cutter therapy appointment. We think the relationship with your doctor or therapist is a central part of your care, as is the overall atmosphere and attentive support staff. We take time to understand your health concerns, and value collaborating to create thorough and individualized treatment plans. We are excited to continue expanding and bringing you access to even more resources, so stay tuned!

What We Offer

We currently offer family practice medical care and mental health therapy services. We are also pleased to offer access to evidence-based approaches to healing and wellness that go beyond what is offered in the traditional healthcare system through the Minnesota Center for Wellness, our on-site team of holistic providers.

We also offer psychiatric medication management services, nutrition support, yoga/tai chi and exercise on site, and couples and family therapy.

Our Philosophy

Our model of care is based on the simple idea that the whole person needs to be nurtured in order to foster healing. Our team of care providers is here to work together to support you on your journey, and we want to help you be healthier by collaborating with you and with each other to provide personalized, whole-person care.

We believe that the traditional system, although beneficial in many ways, often lacks true integration between physical, mental, and spiritual health — and does not take into account the importance of how we care for ourselves and our relationships. This disconnect can make it harder to move toward wellness in mind and body since traditional approaches may come at the “problem” from a narrow perspective. This can lead to missing many other powerful and relevant factors that could be contributing to suffering with illness — whether in body or mind. We believe that when you have a care team of dedicated professionals, working together with you and with each other — that this creates a true partnership to guide you toward greater health and well-being.

Minnesota Clinic for Health & Wellness

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Minnesota Clinic for Health & Wellness

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